Dog Training

Dog Training

***** Following our licence renewal inspection in March 2022 by Durham County Council, Paws n the Paddock is thrilled to announce that we have been awarded the highest possible rating – 5 stars!! *****

Thank you to all our lovely clients with their wonderful dogs for your continued support.

We also look forward to welcoming new clients, please contact us with your enquiries.


Paws n The Paddock is proud to offer dog training with Obedience handler, judge and author Marisa.

Latest feedback from some of the lovely owners of dogs who we have had the pleasure of working with recently. If you’d like help with your dog, for any aspect of canine behaviour, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

‘Attended a 1-2-1 with Marisa with two of our puppies to help with their behaviour whilst out in public, after 1 session and following Marisa’s guidance when on our own, our puppies are behaving much better. Would highly recommend Marisa and we will be returning for Puppy Club.’

-Ebony M

‘I was looking for a trainer to help me with a young reactive dog. Marisa was recommended and I’m absolutely delighted with the help and advice she has given us. The paddock is lovely it’s safe and secure and after a few sessions I feel confident to work on my own. I would definitely recommend Marisa.’

-Karen B

‘We have a 5 month old GSD who is quite nervous and barks at various things.
We have had a few sessions now and started the socialisation process with her lovely dogs.
She offered us a split session where we were at Paws n the paddock for half the session and then, at a time convenient to all, she came to our village to train Huxley here where there are lots of distractions.
That was so helpful and we could see how he could be with more practice from myself.
Marisa is calm and extremely good at what she does and we will continue to use her. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for some training for their dogs’

-Colin B

‘Marisa came for a 1-1 training session today with our 5 month old border collie. Wow! That’s all I can say! Amazing. Can’t wait to work with you and Tommy more in the future. Thank you so much.’

-Tracy F

‘Marisa came to our house for a 1-2-1 session with our 11 week old pup, she was absolutely amazing!! She taught us loads and the difference in our puppy already is unbelievable! Would highly recommend’ 

-Alice G

‘Thank you so so much for all your time and help today Marisa, you gave me the confidence I needed, so I can now pass that on to my boy hopefully . Thank you so very much for your advice for which I am so very grateful and appreciative.’ 

-Susan T

‘I had an hour 121 session with Marisa at the weekend with my dog to help him (and me) deal with meeting other dogs, following several negative incidents with other dogs when mine was on the lead. Marisa put us both straight at ease. We walked and talked as Marisa found out details about the problems. Marisa then gave me really useful, practical tools and techniques to try. We then practised those techniques, gradually building up as our confidence grew. I now feel so much more confident when out walking and have already seen a huge difference with my dog. I will definitely be booking in for further sessions in the future.’

-Lani T

Lockdown problems

Reactive dogs
We have recently seen a significant increase in the number of reactive dogs, something that has been exacerbated by Lockdown. Many pups/new dogs have missed out on acquiring vital socialisation skills – which are normally learned through meeting other dogs/ attending good puppy training classes – due to Covid-19 social distancing rules.

Marisa has particular interest in this area and has helped many dogs who had become over-excitable or highly fearful – which led to them reacting badly – when they saw another dog. Owners who despaired of being able to walk their pet in public have been relieved to see the change in them after training with Marisa.

Reactive dog training session – From £75

Separation Anxiety
Did you gain a new member of the family during Lockdown? A wonderful furry friend who you happily spent every moment with and who followed you faithfully round the house, shadowing your every move? Do you now have a dog who has never spent any time apart from you and who is anxious if you leave the room or go into another part of the house without them? Do you worry about how they will cope if you need to leave them for any reason? Separation anxiety can result in dogs who pace endlessly, bark and howl, chew, destroy furniture and belongings, and even soil in the house.

Don’t worry, we can help. You will learn how to settle your dog so that they stay calm and relaxed whilst apart from you – both within the home and when they are left by themselves.

Separation Anxiety training session – From £45

Do you need help with:

*Your dog’s behaviour whilst out on walks such as –

Coming back when they’re off the lead (recall)

Walking calmly on a loose lead

Meeting other dogs under control (without barking, lunging, growling, chasing after, jumping on other dogs etc)

Meeting people under control (without jumping up, hiding/ducking/cowering, growling, lunging etc)

Ignoring your commands (such as ‘come’, ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘off’ etc)

*Your dog’s behaviour in the house such as

House training

Separation Anxiety (being noisy and/or destructive when left)

Noisiness through excitement, fear, frustration etc





Then look no further! Marisa has 40 years’ experience of training dogs, including competing at the highest level (Championship C), running her own training club for 18 years and is also author of ‘All You Need to Know to Train Your Dog’. She has helped countless owners and a wide variety of breeds, from Airedales to Zwergschnauzers.

All training is positive and reward based, with the emphasis on reading the individual dog and identifying the reason for their behaviour so that the best and most effective solution can be reached.

From puppies to rescue dogs to adults with long-established problems, we can offer practical help and support. With our extensive experience, many behaviours can be resolved in just one visit.

For problems in the home, we prefer to visit the dog in that setting because it allows us the best opportunity of seeing the behaviour in action. The domestic routine can sometimes be a contributing factor, however unintentional, and we can advise on how to change this in simple ways that will work for both you and your dog.

We’re here for all your canine requirements. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and reap the benefit of our experience and knowledge gained from years of loving, living with, and learning from man’s best friend.


*Training session/behavioural consultation: From £45

*New puppy/rescue dog/adult refresher: From £45

*Aggression sessions: from £120

All sessions last around 45 minutes to an hour, with no extra charge if they extend beyond this time beyond this time

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Please remember, most breeds are bred for a particular job. If you don’t understand this they may become self employed – a digger, a chewer, a hunter, or a chaser! We can show you how to channel your dog’s instincts into more acceptable behaviour, resulting in a happy dog and happy owner.

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